Sunday, February 23, 2014

An Unconventional Birthday Party

I don't throw myself birthday parties often, but when I do you can rely on it being very unconventional. About ten years ago I had 10 women come to my house and have a sleep over. Movies, games, food, and fun. This time I wanted to invite more people, around 20 to be exact. My house is small so we invaded my sister's house. Me and my family love playing the card game Nertz. So I came up with a Nertz Card Tournament as you can see from the bracket poster above.

We set up three tables to house three - four teams at each table. 

The prize table consisted of medals and prizes for the top three teams (First, Second and Third place).

When playing cards all night lots of food is in order. I didn't take a picture of the food upstairs in the kitchen. I had everyone bring a dessert or finger food to share. Downstairs we had a coffee bar with special creamers.

Some of my very special friends plus Grace and one of her friends. All of these women are very special to me. I know them from church, Cooperative, and homeschool groups. I was super blessed that they all came out to help me celebrate my birthday because you can imagine how hard it is to coordinate 20 different schedules and make it work.

Nertz is so addicting and will bring out the competitiveness in everyone.

For those of you that don't know what I look like I am on the end in the blue with the glasses.

I think everyone had so much fun that we plan on doing this event every couple of months.

Thanks ladies for making it a great night of food, fellowship, and NERTZ!

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