Sunday, February 16, 2014

Another Art Project

Grace was able to finish another art project this week for the upcoming art show. This is what the table looks like while I am reading aloud to her from either our fun book (House of Hades), church history book (The Captives from Salem Ridge Press), or history (King Arthur and the Round Table). Me reading some of our books aloud gives her more time to work on her art and quite frankly I love the books too.

It always amazes me to watch the transformation of a picture once she starts adding more and more color to it.

So this turned out to be a young Victorian girl with added steampunk touches.

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LJS said...

I think this is my favorite (although I love the double one you posted a few days ago). I love the watch. It reminds me of the one I bought my husband Greg as a gift for the new millennium. Does she plan to sell her art through etsy or online?