Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Not A lot of School

This is a tool shower invitation that Grace was asked to create for a young couple in our church that is getting married.
 This week was just one of those crazy weeks that was busy with other stuff but not a ton of at home sit down school work. Let me see if I can remember everything from this week to share with you.

Monday morning we headed to the dentist for Grace to have her very first cavity filled. She was very nervous about this and didn't really know what to expect because the new dentist we started going to actually does some shallow cavities without numbing. I told her just tell him to numb you if you need it. Low and behold he did a complete filling with no numbing and she felt nothing. I went on a walk/jog in the afternoon and Grace rode the stationary bike in the evening. I also attended Bible study Monday evening.
New desk area to work
 I talked with Grace this week and we decided to move up into the loft area for our school time as opposed to the kitchen table. This was actually a fortuitous idea because it is looking like in the fall I will be homeschooling a friend's child for next year and another may be on the way to add to that mix as well. Now I will definitely need a space away from everything else for focus and storage. I will admit that once we did get to some real school work on Thursday and Friday Grace was able to focus a lot better being away from the rest of the house. Another great thing about the loft area is wall space. We live in a cabin with lots of windows. That means no where to hang anything.

Tuesday morning we got a little school work done, ate lunch and headed to Cooperative. Grace attended classes in Improv, Pottery, 4:12 Ministries, and Stage Makeup. Hubby brought a pizza home for dinner and we were all so exhausted we crawled to our rooms to veg out.
4:12 Ministry Class at Cooperative working on props for a puppet skit.

This is half of the Improv class from Cooperative
Most of the day Grace felt bad so no real book work was accomplished. I did a walk/jog that afternoon and again Grace rode the stationary bike in the evening.
We have a small loveseat in the loft area for reading.
Grace attended Speech and Art class in the morning while I ran errands. Grace has wanted to volunteer at the local animal shelter for eons. Finally decided it was time. We went by, introduced ourselves and planned out a schedule. We will be volunteering every Thursday afternoon for a couple of hours. We came back home, Grace did some school work then we took a break for dinner. I left to attend a Zumba class and Grace finished some science and exercised.
Today we did a good bit of schoolwork. Hubby is taking us out for dinner for my birthday tonight. Tomorrow I am having a birthday party with all my women friends. I wanted to do something different so we are having a Nertz (card game) tournament.
What We Studied This Week
Two lessons in Algebra
Finishing up the details on a research paper about the life of a knight
Speech Homework (Writing a paper about someone she admires)
Reading White Fang, House of Hades, King Arthur and the Book of Romans
Simple Machines
Japanese Lessons

Reviews We Are Working On
Mango Languages 
Motivated Moms
Just got picked for Supercharged Science and Victus Study Guide

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