Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow In Georgia

Snow at 9:00 this morning

I think we got overall between 5 and 7 inches snow

As of right now (1:00) it is all melting away

Scott and Grace went on a walk about 10:30 this morning and discovered a downed tree. This is on the corner of our road and the main road. We are currently blocked in. Until the tree is cut we can't go anywhere. Scott was going to take his chainsaw down and start until they looked up and saw it was leaning on a power line. Once they came home and told me I called the power company and hopefully they are dealing with it today. 


LJS said...

Hope you get out soon. I wish mother nature would take care of melting the foot of snow we got today! Our snowblower is working overtime!

A Candle to Read By said...

WOW! Hope that is taken care of by now. We ventured out today and "slushed" around for a little while. I think if it all freezes back tonight, it will be way too slippery.

Leigh said...

Yikes, snow, ice, trees, and power lines don't mix. We lost power for a couple of hours today but that was it.