Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Snowpocalypse

As many of you know there was quite a bit of trouble in Atlanta this week. Luckily we live about two hours above Atlanta and was not affected to greatly. Hubby does work an hour and a half in that direction and on Tuesday it did take him longer to get home but nothing like the poor people stuck in their cars on the highway for 10 - 24 hours. The snow did make us cancel Cooperative classes as well as Grace's Speech and Art class on Thursday. 

Us being homeschoolers the snow did not affect what we were able to accomplish in school. I wasn't a horrible parent - I did let her have breaks to go out in the snow on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Due to the cancellation of many of our outside of the home activities we were able to get caught up on a lot of school work. In history we continue to read about King Arthur and the Famous Men of the Middle Ages introduced Grace to William the Conqueror. We also watched a documentary about him on Youtube yesterday which in turn led her to all the Horrible Histories videos. Grace was able to get three Algebra lessons completed and a Vocabulary quiz. In Science she finished Module 1 in the General Science book. Surprisingly she really likes this book and did well independently reading and answering all the study guide questions. We finished a lesson in the How to Write a Graphic Novel book and she wrote in her novel that she is creating. Looks like her language choice for high school will be Japanese due to the wonderful review product we are reviewing and she is loving and was able to finish 4 lessons. Her Speech homework found her writing an informative speech about the adventures of taking an African Safari. 

This week Grace created a lot of art. Two projects for her art class and lots of other stuff for her own benefit. She does have an art show coming up in May she is preparing for. We also made it to the gym three times this week.

I should also mention that Grace is feeling much better. No nausea or vomiting episodes in over three weeks. The new medications seem to be doing their job. 

I am reviewing another product that has a planner to use on a daily basis. This has come in so handy this week. This planner helped me get caught up on a lot of housework this week. Review will be forthcoming in a few weeks.

One of Grace's favorite things this week was learning about the Horrible Histories Channel on YouTube. She was also thrilled that her brother was able to fix the screen to her iphone that was practically shattered about a month ago. On Saturday almost a week ago our youth service group helped sort clothes for a couple of hours for a local clothes closet. Even though we were inside it was freezing. When we arrived the temp was hovering around 22 and no heat inside the building. Grace got her haircut today and I hope to get you a photo soon. It is short and she loves it. We also attended small group on Sunday night and she and another teenager girl are being included in the adult group. She enjoyed listening to what everyone had to share.

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A Candle to Read By said...

Your pictures of the snow are beautiful. Grace's art work is just amazing! King Arthur! We are about to hit his Romano-Celtic origins in the History of England class next week.

Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

I love your daughter's drawings! Beautiful! The review checklist looks neat. I'll have to read that one!

Karen said...

We got no snow. :/ I can't believe your husband's job is 1 1/2 hours away!!! Ack! Glad he didn't get stuck in all the mess. As always I LOVE Grace's art. She is seriously talented Diane. Also glad to hear the meds seem to be working! Happy weekend!!

LM said...

Love the art and your organized schedule. Visiting from Weekly Wrap Up :-D

Chareen said...

Love your creativity Grace. Looking forward to seeing more of your drawings.
PS your drawing is one of this weeks features on the Virtual Ref'
(email me for your I was featured button everybedofroses (at) hotmail (dot) com