Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What A Snow Day in Georgia Looks Like

Fun science experiments

Finishing up on the extra credit drawing for art class

I have eggs running out my ears. Boiled a dozen today for deviled eggs and egg salad. Then used some more to bake chocolate chip blondies.

Drinking coffee, watching the snow fall, and throwing snowballs for puppy to catch.

These guys are not used to snow and have no intention of leaving the coops. 

We had to cancel Cooperative today which allowed me to actually catch up on a lot of work around the house. One of our review products is a planner that is getting good use today. I will post a complete review of the product in a few weeks. Grace is also enjoying her Japanese lessons that we have through another product review. Snow has been steady for the last couple of hours. Small flakes, but snow none the less. With the cold temps we have right now should still be here tomorrow. 

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