Monday, January 6, 2014

Coffee Addict

My entire adult life I have despised coffee. Now at the age of 46 I have developed a taste for coffee and love having it as an afternoon or evening snack. Of course most coffee drinkers would probably call my cup of coffee a glorified cup of hot chocolate. Grace has also become a coffee drinker and her cups are much more close to what a real coffee should be. Mine have flavored coffee (preferably Dunkin Donuts variety) a package of low-cal hot chocolate mix and a little french vanilla creamer. Yum!!  Now with the weather so cold a cup of hot coffee mid-afternoon or after dinner is just the ticket.


Sarah at SmallWorld said...

I love having coffee in mid-afternoon--but I never want to fix it. I've started having Earl Gray instead! I just love having *something* hot to drink!

LJS said...

Coffee is an experience for me. I cannot start my day until I have it. I crave the smell, the sound of the Keurig, the warmth in my hand, the taste. I only have one cup a day, but I relish every second of it! Enjoy your coffee. It will help you stay warm today!