Friday, January 10, 2014

What is Your Child's Passion

The past few years Grace's passion has revolved around anime, manga, and Japanese culture. I try to fit that passion into our weekly lessons as much as possible. If we illustrate anything it is usually drawn in an anime format. If she writes a story it follows along the lines of what you might find in manga or graphic novels. We have even read graphic novels that are published about different events in history and biographies as well as the Bible.

Even though she writes these stories she doesn't really know what to do with them after they are written. How to get down all the details for turning the story into a graphic novel. Well that is all about to change. Recently I came across lesson plans for the book "You Can Do A Graphic Novel". I found the lessons here and purchased the book from Amazon. I plan to use this not only for Grace's benefit but I am also trying this out on Grace to see how well it might do as a class for our Fine Arts Cooperative. I may be offering this class to high schoolers in the Fall.

Table of Contents:

Your Story
Draw, Draw, Draw
The Creative Process
The Creative Block
Creating Characters
The Plotline
Some Students' Work
The "Biz"

There are many aspects of this book that appeal to me and hopefully will help Grace. The main topics she needs help with at the moment is the actual creative process and how to bring it all together. Grace aspires to do this type of work for her career. She needs to start immersing herself in all of the aspects of creating to see if she enjoys it. I hope to start this book with Grace on Monday and will keep you posted chapter by chapter with our thoughts and Grace's work.


Karen said...

How awesome. That is one of the most important things to me, is being able to facilitate Keilee's passions. She has so many though. that Graphic Novel book looks really good. Jessica's daughter loves Manga. I wonder if she has seen this book. Happy weekend Diane!

LJS said...

The author of this book did a free workshop at a local library a few years ago! My girls enjoyed it. You can find it on my blog if you search the author's name. Have fun!!!