Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some Random Things that Are Happening Around Our House

Today we did two experiments for Science. We have switched gears for a little while away from birds and are using the Apologia General Science book to catch up on some basic science related facts. Today's experiments were about atoms, density, and atomic motion.

Grace has been creating a good bit of art while we are reading aloud several books. Currently our read alouds are House of Hades, The Captives, and King Arthur. She has been reading White Fang and a bird behavior book.

Saturday, even when Grace was feeling her worst, she took her chapter 6 Algebra test and made a 92. I was so super proud of her for this. Math is truly a thorn in her side but she is making progress inch by inch. She was able to do her entire lesson today in Chapter 7 independently and got every problem correct. We were having a lot of issues with the word problems but I got the bright idea to create her a formula cheat sheet. It has the formulas for different types of words problems and it has helped in a big way.

It was super weird not having her at Cooperative yesterday, but I tried to abide by the rules because her doctor said she was probably still contagious. In my classes we made medieval coins out of clay and herb salts. 

Today we finally started our first review product of the year for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Super excited about this one and can't wait to share with everyone in about six weeks. I don't think I will have any problem getting Grace to work with this one. 

We actually made it to the gym today. With Grace not feeling well it had been a week since a gym visit, but I did work out some here at the house. 

So far Grace is doing beautifully on her new medications and hasn't had any nausea or vomiting episodes. Can I get a bit AMEN!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!! It is so nice to get up each morning and know that Grace is going to feel good. The past 8-12 weeks have just been brutal. Never knowing how she will wake up and if we can plan anything. I know she is relieved as well.


Sandra said...

Glad the medication seems to be working. Would you mind sharingthe title of the bird behaviour book Grace is reading? I'm constantly onth elookout for new titles/ideas etc to feed Miss 13's interest in this area.

Nicole said...

So happy Grace is feeling better!!!

LJS said...

It must be a high relief knowing that what you are doing is working and she is better. The stress of sickness is overwhelming at times. Enjoy the remainder of your week!

Karen said...

I am so glad Grace is doing better. And Yay for the great score on the Algebra test. Grace is truly so very talented. I showed Keilee and we were blown away by her drawing.