Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Current Artistic Creations

It isn't often now that I can get photos of Grace's artistic creations. She is drawing more and more digitally on her computer. I keep telling her to send them to my computer but that doesn't seem to happen. The above photo is something Grace created for my mom for Christmas. My mom wanted something really colorful.

This was Grace's favorite Christmas present - the monster hat. 

This is Grace's rendition of herself wearing the hat. I think it is totally cool. Love it!

This is just something in the beginning stages. I love to watch how her drawings change from pencil to something so detailed and colorful once she had marker.


LJS said...

I love her self portrait!

Jennifer said...

That is so cute. Thanks for linking back up with the virtual refrigerator!

Kym said...

Love this! Especially the self-portrait. Thanks for linking up at the Virtual Fridge!

Chareen said...

Love these drawings. Found you via the Virtual Fridge. Keep drawing :) Looks great