Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Everything Started Back

This week found us pretty busy. I guess my best bet is to list it by day so I don't miss anything.

Monday - The state of Georgia saw very low temps just like everyone else across the nation. For a while we thought we might receive snow but alas just cold temps. On Monday I hosted a teacher's meeting for the Cooperative. Lots was accomplished and I feel like every semester all the clerical and extra stuff gets tweaked and better. Immediately following the meeting me and my co-director held auditions for Fiddler on the Roof which will be performed by the high school class. As I have mentioned before Grace is not performing in this one which is a little sad for me but she needed the break with her health issues. Plus she just wanted to chill and fun this semester with no pressure to perform. I did assign her some school work to do on her own at the church while all this was going on.

Tuesday - The biggy for Tuesday was first day of Cooperative. I taught four classes - Knights and Maidens, Improv, Science Explorations, and a Youth Service Group. The day went by in a flash. The afternoon is evenly spaced for me with two high school classes and two elementary classes. Grace attended her classes which were Improv, Pottery, Youth Service, and Stage Makeup. She is super thrilled with the stage makeup class. They will be responsible for all the makeup for the Fiddler performances. In the morning before Cooperative we did a little history and an Algebra lesson. Currently she is learning about Canute the Great for Famous Men of the Middle Ages.

Wednesday - This was to be an all out attack on school work kind of day. Alas, Grace woke up in the morning not feeling well. She woke up in time for an early lunch then we hit the books. Basically we are talking about all the basics with Algebra, History, Science, English, CNN Student News, God World News Magazine, and a few extra thrown in. We hit a snag around mid afternoon when she did actually get sick. It usually takes her about 30-60 minutes to recover and then it's back to work. We didn't finish till dinner then headed to the gym for some much needed exercise.

Thursday - This day opened up with Grace's first class in Speech at our beloved Ms. Christy's. No time for school work in the morning because the class started at 10:00. After Speech I picked her up for lunch at Captains Ds then back for an art class at the same location. Once we arrived home we finished another Algebra lesson and a little science and history. Both of us worked out after dinner.
Grace's rendition of herself in her favorite hat.

Friday - Well this brings us to today. Grace again woke up not feeling well and very fatigued. She didn't get up until 11:15 which moved everything into the afternoon. I was hoping for a trip to the gym but school work is taking a front seat instead. Looks like another workout at home tonight because the gym is only open till 7:00 on Friday nights. Definitely going to the gym tomorrow. So far slow go she just can't get into the flow of working today. We are watching a bird documentary for her science class and she did some basic review in math.

Her favorite thing this week other than classes outside of the home is writing her own story for creative writing. She is really looking forward to illustrating this one.

Check out this post to see what we will be starting next week and I am sure it will be her favorite thing for the week Graphic Novel Lessons.


Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

Wow you really have a great co-op! The play sounds awesome, too!

Nicole said...

Again, Grace is just so creative! I am praying she gets to feeling better soon!!! Awesome Co-op report!