Monday, January 20, 2014

Catching Up

I feel like I am constantly playing catch up. I posted just three short days ago a long list of things I really needed to accomplish by today. Of course everything on the list did not get accomplished. A little wrench was thrown in the works. Grace got sick. Not with the GI problems but with a whole new "thing". She just can't seem to get a break. We get one thing under control and then something else comes on the scene. This time we thought she had strep but a visit to the doctor this morning confirms it is a virus. A virus that she should have caught years ago as a small child but didn't. When the doctor looks at your throat and say "Why that looks interesting", you know it can't be good. The virus has left her with an unbelievable sore throat. The doctor said she could almost visualize tiny blisters in her throat. Can you say "Ouch"! Anyway because of Grace being sick since Saturday there has been no exercise (i.e gym visits), so that can't be scratched off the list. No school work again today. I have written about a quarter of the study guide I am working on, but all the lessons are ready for classes tomorrow. Grace will go stay with my mom as she is still contagious and shouldn't be at Cooperative tomorrow.

I did get some much needed deep cleaning done today in the kitchen and TV room. Still lots to do on that front in the remainder of the house. Went to lunch with my mom for her birthday and really enjoyed that time together. In the past day and a half I attended church, small group, and a women's Bible study tonight. So I guess all in all when I look back on it I have accomplished a good bit.

In our women's Bible study we are following a book that takes us through the Bible in a year. We are reading three chapters a day. Last week was our first meeting and through the week we read Genesis chapters 1-21. We were supposed to discuss all 21 chapters in one meeting. Like that was going to happen. I think we got through chapter 7. I bring this up because there was much discussion but no real conclusions over Genesis chapter 6 verses 1-4. I would really appreciate your take on those verses. Basically I am most curious about your thoughts concerning who the "sons of God" are and also your take on the Nephilim (angels? giants? something else).

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A Candle to Read By said...

Diane, I am sorry to hear about the setback with Grace. Please keep us posted. Sounds like your Bible study is going great-I am reading through the Bible also at about the pace you all have set. Don't fret about your list--it will all get done when it needs to--you have established the right priorities.