Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - The Week of Sickness and Renewal

Even though Grace is feeling 100 percent better with the nausea and vomiting she contracted a virus last Saturday that just seems to not want to go away. This was a virus most kids contract in childhood but somehow she missed it. Very sore throat. This kept her home from Cooperative this week but she was able to attend her speech and art class yesterday.

We have refocused our efforts and are working hard to do some catching up with school. Monday required a visit to the doctor because of the virus so school was out, plus Grace just felt bad. Tuesday I was at Cooperative most of the day and left some work behind for Grace to finish on her own. Nothing to heavy. Wednesday we hit the ground running. Algebra is going splendidly. As I reported in a previous post she made a 92 on the last chapter test and has been grasping all the concepts required to make 100s  on her daily lessons. Sooooo hoping this continues. Science has found us switching from bird study to the Apologia Science book. Grace is loving the experiments.
Experiment explaining Density
In creative writing Grace is currently writing her first graphic novel. She has 2-3 chapters finished and to go along with that we are using a book "You Can Do A Graphic Novel". I am considering using this in the Cooperative in the fall for the high school students.

This week Grace gave her first informative speech in speech class about barn owls. For homework this coming week she has to do another informative speech on African Safaris. In art class they are finishing up a month long study of work with charcoal, drawing what you see and shadows.

We are getting back on track with exercise with a trip to the gym on Wednesday and Friday. This really should be about 4-5 days a week but with Grace being sick we are taking it slow and working our way back up.

Grace's favorite thing this week was starting our review for Mango Languages. She is studying Japanese and enjoying every minute. Her second favorite would be General Science and the experiments we performed. I know that General Science is typically used as a middle school science but if you revert back to one of my previous posts you would know that we don't do "typical". All I am worried about at the moment is finding something that engages her and teaches her something she didn't know before.

She is currently working on many art projects. A nature themed art show that will be coming up in May, a BIG present she is working on for a friend, and just her regular everyday drawing. I am working on finishing up a study guide about the Gold Rush for a company I started free lancing with a few months back. 

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