Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Peek Into My Two Elementary Cooperative Classes

 This semester I am teaching two high school classes and two elementary classes. It is evenly spaced out so that I get time with both age groups. My first elementary class of the day is Knights and Maidens. This is an arts and crafts class with a little Medieval History thrown in the mix. Today in the above picture we created Robin Hood hats which were called bycockets and cone shaped maiden hats which were called henins. We also made ladies looking glasses (mirrors). This is a small class but fun.

My second class is a simulation class about running a zoo. This is my first simulation type class. Zooland has been run down for years and the city government wishes to shut it down. The class takes a test to get licenses to become zoo keepers and raise fund to renovate the zoo. In the first two classes we created zoo cages and decorated their folders to keep all the worksheets. Today we also looked at worksheets of animals in cages in Zooland and observed the problems that needed to be fixed. If you would like to know more about classroom simulation type classes visit the following link to Interact Simulations. Next week we start learning about habitats and how to make the cages the animals natural habitat.

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