Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Welcome Surprise

Today was our every 2 month trip to the big library. Because of gas it has gotten to the point that we can only about every two months due to the new library being 50 minutes away from us. But their selection of books, magazines, dvds, etc. just can't be beat. We actually had a special reason for going; Grace is getting ready to do a project on Japan for our group's Geography Festival and needed lots of materials about Japan. Ok, now we can get to the surprise. Every Thursday in the parking lot of the library is a farmer's market. Small (maybe 15 vendors) booths filled with fresh veggies, home made desserts and breads, and crafts. We didn't have alot of cash on me with tomorrow being pay day. We were able to put together enough cash between the three of us to get a multi-grain loaf of bread, choc. chip cookies, and farm fresh eggs. It was alot of fun looking at what everyone had and how much they were charging for future reference.

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Fran said...

We have a mobile library that comes to the village every week, even though we have a 'proper' library only 5 miles away. But it is great for the elderly and young who cannot get to the library (public transport is very limited). However, I think that it could be in real danger as the local councils are cutting funding everywhere and anywhere x