Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mor Spider Study

Thought I would share a couple of the daily assignments Grace has been working on for our spider study. I would also like to mention that she is really enjoying her middle school chemistry class on Mondays. Yesterday they built an atom and made some atomic cookies as well as went over more information about elements, compounds, etc. Her homework this week is to take the 11 elements she made cards for last week and write on the back of the card an interesting fact about that element. Anyway, back to the spider study. The top picture is what we did today. Grace created a chart of three different types of arthropods. Insects, crustaceans, and spiders. She was to write a few characteristics of each and then select an example of each.

A few days ago Grace was to select a spider and do a little investigating. Scott brought a black widow back from the garden the other day for her to see so she really wanted to do her assignment on the black widow. You can't see it in the picture but each leg of the spider has a fact written in pencil about the black widow.

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