Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shining Dawn Books

Grace will be starting a Chemistry class for middle schoolers in another week. This week we will finish up our review unit on the human body. The Chemistry class will only be two hours on Monday for 8 weeks. Lots of experiments and hands on activities done in class with some studying at home for quizes. I didn't want to start something in Science at home that would be heavy duty until the Chemistry class was finished. For at least a year I have toyed around with the idea of ordering a nature study series from Shining Dawn Books. Well, today I took the plunge. I asked Grace to pick which she was most interested in doing and Spectacular Spiders won. What I like most about ordering is that the download is ready as soon as you pay. No wait. I was pleasantly surprised at all the suggestions that are available through this unit even to help stretch for students about 5th grade. So this week I will be gathering some items for hands on activities and field guides from the library. Now if we can just get over our fear of spiders to actually collect one to observe. I urge you all to check out the website and choose something for your nature study. After this unit I may go back and purchase again either the unit on Rain or Clouds.

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