Friday, September 16, 2011

Kind Of A Wonky Week

Let me explain. This week was the first with all of Grace's outside of the home activities starting. Monday is Chemistry for two hours, Tuesday is Drama for one and a half hours, Thursday is Art class for one hour and Drama Ministry Team for another hour and a half. So to make a long story short we are finding it a little daunting to fit all the at home academic work in. Now to top things off I was sick on Wednesday and Grace didn't feel well on Thursday. Friday we needed groceries shopped for as well as a birthday present then a recheck appt. at the vet for the newish kitten. Put all that together and I feel like we didn't get much accomplished. But I should say that Grace was much more motivated this week with finishing her work and really liked her Chemistry class, even finished the homework without me really having to tell her to do it. Luckily the Chemistry class is only for 8 weeks then Monday will be back to normal. One of our main problems is math taking so much time. Today it took 2 hours and she wasn't even dawdling. Sometimes the lecture takes 20 minutes then 25-30 problems. She is still doing her best and scores in the 80s and 90s on each lesson. I am proud of her that she is sticking it out and not throwing any tantrums, which two months ago would have been exactly what she would be doing in the same situation.

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