Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drama Season Has Returned

Last week we began the new drama season for 2011-2012. It will probably be a shorter season than in years past because of our group splitting and us now being on our own. Logistics, finances, participation, location availablity, etc. all play a part in having the program run for one semester or two. This semester all the participants are home schoolers and we have a well rounded group of a couple of 3rd graders all the way up to high schoolers. We ran in to trouble ordering from our regular musical theatre organization so we will not be doing a musical first semester. Robin Hood was chosen as our play for the first semester and we are happy with it as well as the kids participating. After having the lead in Alice Grace decided she wanted a bit of a smaller role this go around. She auditioned for and got the part of Salome the daughter of the Sheriff of Nottingham. With 45 lines to remember it is really what would be considered a medium part, but the most appealing to Grace was that this character is very comedic and silly. Much out of her comfort zone. She wanted to stretch herself a bit with something different. Another endeavor we are starting this week will be the Drama Ministry Team with 11 talented teen home schoolers. We will practice once a week in September and October then twice a week for November and December to prepare for performances at very churches in the area next semester. We hope to take the teens on a weekend/workshop retreat in October for some intensive training and bonding. This first semester should be very productive and rewarding.

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