Friday, September 2, 2011

What I am Reading and What We Found

The Locavore Way, Discover and Enjoy the Pleasure of Locally Grown Food.

A message came through our home school group's email loop about a new creamery that had just opened. Up till now there was no one that I knew of that you could buy local milk and diary products from. I was so excited today to go to Mountain Fresh Creamery and check out what they had available. The milk comes from their dairy farm 5 miles down the road. This is just one county over from us. Of course we live in the country so that averages out to about a 30 minute drive. Today I purchased a gallon each of chocolate and regular milk, vanilla ice cream, and three pounds of local, grass fed beef. This is also the first establishment I have found to purchase the local, grass fed beef without having to purchase a whole or half cow. The color of the beef was deep red and beautiful. Can't wait to cook with it. I think I might start this as a twice a month endeavor to get milk and beef. The only disappointment was they weren't making butter yet. I really want the local butter too because I bake alot.

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Fran said...

I envy you for being able to buy local dairy products. In this part of the country we are known for strawberries not cows! x