Friday, September 30, 2011

Egg Production is Up

The Buff girls are doing most of the work. In the bottom photo you can see the two green eggs. Betty started laying again during the end of her molt. She was laying 5-6 eggs a week and is now down to about 3 a week. The Buffs are cranking it out with 5-6 eggs just from them each day. So we are overloaded with eggs right now. Some days we are getting a total of 6-7 eggs a day. What you see below is what is leftover from using 5 eggs in a pound cake a couple of days ago and 9 eggs for dinner one night this week. Tomorrow I hope to make egg salad for sandwiches and I also need to make a couple of desserts for the week to snack on.

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Fran said...

Until my son got chickens, I hadn't realised how amusing they are to watch. Each one has each own little character. Unfortunately keeping them on the barge is not an option :( xxx