Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Something New To Us

In all the years I have owned cats and dogs (including 17 years of working for an animal hospital) I have never had a cat or dog go in to a heat cycle before being spayed. Remember the kitten we found in the parking lot of the local Mexican restaurant? Well we couldn't find a home for her and we also fell in love with her sweet little self, so decided to keep her. The first visit to the vet gave her an age of 9 weeks. But when we returned in three weeks for her next visit she had gained enought weight to actually age her older than we thought. Kittens gain about one pound a month until six months of age. I had a discussion with the Vet about when to spay her and how much time she thought we might be able to wait. I just didn't have the funds yet to do the surgery (the going rate for feline spays in this area is 181.00). She assured me that waiting till mid October would be fine. Four days ago Silver started meowing alot especially at night. Low and behold she is already in her first heat cycle. For two night no one got any sleep because she was loudly meowing all night long. Last night we knew desperate measure were needed. We set up the small dog crate with all the necessities and had her spend the night out in the backyard shed. Wonderful, blissful sleep for all. Hopefully she will be finished with this heat cycle by mid October so I can think have her spayed.


Fran said...

We have only had male animals, so not had this problem. Alfie struts around like a teenager when he meets a bitch on heat, but he's not quite sure what else he is supposed to do! x

Staci@LifeAtCobbleHillFarm said...

Oh brother! Glad you finally got some sleep. :)