Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last of the Summer Garden

Scott went and worked in the garden just about all day yesterday. There were many weed that needed to be torn down and everything straightened up for the Fall garden. We had two batches of tomatoes to harvest and two batches of bell peppers. Also a huge harvest of banana peppers that were all dried in the dehydrator through the night. I hope to make some more pasta sauce with the tomatoes tonight or tomorrow.

The Fall garden will be much smaller. We will replant our greens, adding purple cabbage. Also Scott replanted some potatoes with hopes of a Fall potato harvest. We have many ideas for next year's garden but are unsure about where the garden may be. As I mentioned before the space we are using now will be sprayed with a an herbicide in the Spring. With 5 other groups of families gardening on this patch and us not having in rights to the land we really can't say anything. We want to grow organically, which is what we did this year. No sprays at all for bugs or weeds. We are looking at a community garden in a small town 10 minutes down the road from us. Of course it won't be as convenient as what we have now but if the community garden won't be spraying that may be our only choice.

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