Monday, September 12, 2011

A New Week of School

This week has many plans in the home and outside of the home to live, learn and laugh. Today was Grace's first middle school chemistry class. I was very apprehensive about her taking this 6 week class because she has not had alot of higher science experience. This is a very hands on class with experiments and building atoms, etc. with a little written work thrown in for good measure. She came home with a small amount of home work (making cards to go on a metal ring of 11 elements from the periodic table). We are also diving head first in to our Spectacular Spiders unit. Most of the spider books from the library are elementary age level but have good information. Early Fall is the best time to find spiders, especially at night. We have three of the spider that make a web then come out at night to sit on it. Hoping to get some good pictures.

Also this week we have started a study of a new artist. We are again using a Picture Study Portfolio from Simply Charlotte Mason. The next 6-8 weeks we will be studying paintings by Giotto who lived 1266-1337 during the tail end of the Medieval period. It is a nice change of pace after all the dark paintings of Rembrandt.

Tuesday will consist of drama practice for Robin Hood. We will have somewhat of a free day on Wednesday and Thursday will be art class and practice with the ministry drama team. Friday will be back to the vet with a recheck on our kitten and Saturday a birthday party for a friend.

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