Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A First For Me

Today was mom's appt to get her test results. Very good news. Her thyroid cancer is stable, we will not have to return for another CAT scan for six months and blood work every three. Her thyroid cancer is finally behaving like typical thyroid cancer with being managed by her thyroid medication. It only took us 10 years of surgery and treatments to get to this point. Thank you God! After her appt we had lunch at the hospital then took a detour on the way home to stop and shop at Whole Foods grocery store. This was my first visit and I thought it was great. Wish we had one closer. I guess I can just look forward to shopping there every three I could have bought so much more if I had not had to worry about the 1 1/2 hour trip back home with any cold stuff. Next time I will definitely remember to take a cooler. I was still able to pick up some cereal, flavored green tea, stevia packets, organic taco shells, swiss cheese, sandwich meat, and organic spaghetti noodles. This store was beautiful and had so many new to me products. I did pick up two cans of soda made with stevia named "Zevia" to try. I had not seen the soda anywhere. I tried it and have to say I wasn't that impressed. To me it tasted kind of salty and even less tasty that regular diet soda. I just wanted to try it on a whim, because at 1.00 a can it is a little out of my price range. Ok, alot out of my price range. Well onward and upward. Tomorrow will be all about turning tomatoes from the garden in to stewed tomatoes and pasta sauce for the freezer. First thing in the morning I am off the Walmart to purchase more freezer containers and packages of pasta or salsa mix.

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SustainaMom said...

I'm so glad your mom received good news and that her cancer is being managed with meds. I cannot imagine a 10-year battle with cancer. Our 10 weeks has been draining enough.... Let's hope the changes we make in our lives protect our children from this horrible disease.