Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Last Thing We Needed

For lunch today me and Grace decided to go to our favorite mexican restaurant. When we pulled in to the parking lot there was a group of 4-5 adults gathered around a small kitten, trying to keep him/her from the street. We went in and ate, by the time we were finished the lunch crowd was gone. Of course the kitten was still present and as cute as ever. Skinny, eye discharge and sneezing a little, but very friendly and following us to our car. Grace was beside herself with worry. I had all intentions of getting in the car and leaving. I kept looking back to the kitten laying int he parking lot. He/she had planted itself underneath the shade of a bush (did I mention it is in the low 90's today). I made a call to my mom to see if we could house the kitten in her spare bedroom until other arrangements could be made. Picked the kitten up, put him/her in the car and went to moms. Once we arrived I gave the kitten both canned and dry food which she/he immediately ate in about three minutes flat. Now the kitten is sleeping peacefully in a cage I had and I'm wondering what to do with it. Three dogs, two cats, three hermit crabs and 14 chickens already reside at this residence. We really don't need another pet, but he/she is very friendly and very cute.


Leslie said...

You are a sweet mama!

Jenny said...

Ohhh, I'm so glad you went back and got it. Y'all are so sweet.