Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lets Talk Tomatoes

This afternoon was all about tomatoes. I am guessing I had about 60-70 tomatoes to make my way through. From 1:00 - 5:00 I spent my time cooking 4 pints of pasta sauce, three containers of stewed tomatoes, and sliced 30 tomatoes to go in to the dehydrator for drying. By dinnertime I was plum tuckered out. For dinner I prepared tacos and hubby cut up all the fixins. Once we sat down to eat the plate of veggies was in front of my and I told my husband that the smell of the tomatoes was actually making me sick. lol. Tonight after dealing with the chicken chores I cut up more bell peppers to put in the freezer. Hubby brought home from the garden this morning 8 more cantaloupe. After the tomato drying finishes tomorrow I think we can take a breather until our next trip to the garden on Monday. I am all out of pasta, salsa, etc. mixes. Does anyone have an easy recipe for pizza, pasta or salsa made from fresh tomatoes to freeze. Don't send me anything I got to can, too hot for all that nonsense.


Deb said...

This recipe looks delicious to me - easy and can be frozen.

Sarah said...

You commented and asked about my tomato sauce recipe....I posted it today if you wanted to come and see.