Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gardening and Chicken Updates

Today is all about the garden. Scott has already brought up one load of bell peppers (20) and tomatoes (30-40 in various ripening stages). 18 of these tomatoes will be prepared tonight to make freezer salsa. He also came back with a load of red potatoes and carrots. The carrots will be refrigerated for carrot juice (did I mention hubby bought a juicer) and salad toppings. We do plan on drying some of these also, but right now the priority for drying is going to the potatoes.

Above is the finished playpen coop for baby chicks. At this point we will not be building a roosting area. The brooder box is turned on its side and is plenty big enough to house the two chicks at night with the fenced lid on for protection. Last night was there first night out and they did great. These two 5 1/2 week chicks were so much louder and obnoxious than the 6 Buffs we raised inside. The reason we decided to build a more permanent play area was in the Spring we will raise a few more chickens to add to the mix. The more eggs the better.

I haven't taken a picture of the Buffs in a while and wanted to show how much they have grown. They will be 15 weeks old this Saturday and already look like adults. The Buffs are so docile and friendly. When I go in to the cage to do anything they are very curious and want to be right under my feet.

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