Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Garden Has Taken Over Our Lives

For those readers that come to read about homeschooling, chickens, or other items - maybe you should come back in a week or so. This garden has really taken over our lives. But it is sooooo worth it. Last night hubby went down to the garden to dig the remaining potatoes up and today he will get all the remaining carrots. We were so over run with produce that we donated a bunch to our church's food pantry to hand out today. I think the finally tally was 47 cukes, 60 pounds of potatoes and 20 pounds of carrots. For home we harvested another 10 cukes, 30 tomatoes (roma and best boy), two small squash, 6 small onions, and another 17 bell peppers. The amount of bell peppers that we harvested off of 4-5 plants is just crazy. Probably overall all about 80 - 100 peppers. My sister came over last night and we made another pot of salsa to freeze. I also dried a bunch of tomatoes and still have about 20 small tomatoes lingering around the house. Today I need to cut up the bell peppers and freeze them. Today the garden and us will get a rest. Scott has to go to the gallery to do some work and I am babysitting my nephew. Later I plan on taking Grace and my nephew to the library and out to lunch to get us out of the house today. Not much we can do outside with temp in the mid to high 90s with a heat index of even higher. Speaking of heat my poor chickens. I tried putting fans on them yesterday but they just ran and weren't interested in the breeze. I then tried spritzing them with water and they didn't really like that either. Once we get through today I think the rain will be coming and the temps will go down about 10 degrees.

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Renee said...

While I love reading about homeschooling,etc.,I have loved reading about your fabulous garden!We moved here two years ago to a house with a huge yard but the weeds keep taking over so much that I gave up,but next year I hope to start our own garden since fresh produce can get quite expensive at the store.We do have grapevines,but they are sour and we have a pear and apple tree,but only my husband eats those small apples.If I could grow a lemon tree here,I'd be really happy. :) You have been so successful with your garden,so feel free to show it off.I love seeing all the food you's amazing!Now you will have to keep us busy with your recipes using your fresh food. :)