Saturday, July 23, 2011

A New Direction (Possibly)

It is looking less and less like we will be able to get our new drama program off the ground. Road blocks keep getting thrown in our path. We are now considering that maybe God doesn't want us to start a new program at this time. It will be heartbreaking for some of the kids, but not all the kids would have been coming back due to scheduling difficulties, etc. I know that Grace will be very disappointed so I haven't told her yet until we know for sure. Grace has mentioned over the past couple of weeks that she would really like to concentrate on her singing in public. She is even talking about going to an open mic night at a nearby art gallery to sing. As many of my readers know this doesn't completely come out of left field because she has been singing in musicals for the past three years with some solos. Today I contacted a local teacher that provides voice lessons and she has her students perform various times during the year at different venues. So this may be a new path for Grace to take, but we will still keep our eyes open for any audition possibilities at the local community theatre. I also hope to sign her up for some more art classes once she meets her anime camp teacher on Monday. I think she has visions of being a "singing star". Time will tell.

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