Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some "Drama" with our Drama

As many of my readers know we are heavily involved with a drama group that performs throughout the school year. The drama department that me and another person head up is actually attached to a non-traditional Christian private school that is housed at my church. We have run this drama program for three years with rave reviews from the school, parents, etc. About one month ago we were told that they were moving the drama program to a five day a week class during the school day as opposed to an after school activity and another teacher would be in charge of the program. Wow, kind of a slap in the face. We were not included in any of the conversations about this. Just bam here you go. The school did inform us that we could still do our own drama program after school - same hours, equipment, stage, facility, etc. Which is very nice of them, but in all honesty we built the stage and financed all of our endeavors on our own without their help. So today was the big meeting to reinvent our drama program. New name, etc. We do have the opportunity to perform some of our productions at the bigger theater in town that is in place for our community theater. That is kind of exciting. Some of the board of the community theater came to see our last production of Alice in Wonderland and was thrilled with our youth's performances. They actually wanted us to come and perform it this summer at the community theater but we just couldn't work it out logistically. So, it is kind of like starting from scratch rebuilding our drama program, but of course this time we only answer to ourselves and don't have to please anyone else. Some of the production we are considering for the year is The Jungle Book Musical for the elementary kids and high school will be a choice between Fiddler on the Roof, Into the Woods, or Aladdin.

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