Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last Day of School and Nature Study

Nature Study has not been apart of our school all year. Mainly because of time and just the dreary weather. Today we started back with Nature Study and I asked Grace to go out in the yard and take three pictures of examples of Spring. This first is an Easter Lily that won't bloom for Easter this year. The second is my hydrangea bush that never quite blooms with color and the third is some of Grace's favorite little weed flowers that pop up.

I didn't plan alot of school today it being the last day until after Spring Break. As mentioned above we did our first Nature Study. We also continued reading Brady, this book takes places before the Civil War and deals with freeing slaves and the Underground Railroad. She is really enjoying this living book and we only have 5 more chapters. Hopefully we will finish the slavery lapbook at the same time. Next on the history timeline we will go out west and read a story about the Alamo and life in that area in the early 1800's. Grace has almost finished her book In the Days of Noah which she has also enjoyed alot. Did another bridge in Life of Fred, preposition worksheet and an activity in the Helen Keller lapbook. Grace is just about finished with book 6 in the Warrior series and is looking forward to starting the new series, probably while we are on vacation. Lots of washing, packing and organizing for the trip to Kentucky. Picked up the new scripts for our final skits for drama, Grace has the lead in one. Looking forward to a week off from school and everything. The trip to Kentucky will be quick but needed, haven't seen the family in the area in a couple of years.

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