Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Exciting News

Just got the email - Grace will be Munchkin Teacher #1 in our community theater's production of The Wizard of Oz. She is very excited. Unfortunately they wanted her to show up for the first practice this Friday night. We are going to our home school convention in Atlanta, can't be in two places at once. I figure she is technically an extra and the performance isn't until July, she has plenty of time to learn her part. As I mentioned, tomorrow we are headed out to our home school convention and couldn't be more excited. This will also be the first year that I will sell items and volunteer with the used curriculum part of the convention. Hoping to sell about 100 items to cover the cost of our hotel. Looking forward to touching and looking through gobs of curriculum. I will share what we got when I get back.


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Yeah for Grace! I figured she'd get a part! Good for her. Have fun at the convention- I'll be praying for your family. Blessings!:)

The Zoo Keeper said...

Awesome job! She's quite our little Munchkin! Have fun at the convention. Let me know about dinner Saturday. You don't need to bring anything but you guys if you're not too tired after the convention.