Friday, April 2, 2010

Journey to Jerusalem

Tonight our church had its first annual Journey to Jerusalem. It was a wonderful night and a big success. We estimated 200-300 people attended. You were greeted by Roman Soldiers on horseback when you pulled up to the event.
I took some pics before the event begin because I was working in the marketplace and knew I might not get back to all the stations before they closed for the night. This is the Living Last Supper. Each attendee was offered communion if they wished after watching Jesus and the disciples do the same.

This was King Herod's Palace, which is where Grace worked as a servant girl to the King and where all the food was placed on a beautiful buffet. King Herod had many servants tonight and sent them on many errands for himself.
This was the money changers table. Each child that attended was given gold coins to spend in the marketplace.
Grace and my niece Danielle in the marketplace before we got started.

Grace in King Herod's Palace.

The Pottery Shop in the marketplace.

Good friends that worked grinding grain all evening.

At another station outside each person went on a prayer walk and carried a cross.

They buried a big speaker in the ground and make the earth tremble like an earthquake

At the end of the prayer walk was the empty tomb. Fun was had by all. See ya when we return from Kentucky.


legendswife said...

Wow I wished I could of seen it! Have a blessed Easter:)

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Leslie said...

Wow! This looks amazing!!! I wish we could attend. It sounds similar in some ways to an event we love at Christmas called The Journey to Bethlehem. I've never heard of this though! Thanks for sharing!