Thursday, April 8, 2010

Salato Wildlife Preserve

On the third day in Kentucky we went to visit the Salato Wildlife Preserve. The day was beautiful and the cost was free. Can't beat that. They had indoor and outdoor experiences. Most of my pics are indoor because once we reached outdoors my battery on the camera went kaput. Outside they had a bear, wilcat, bald eagle, deer, fish, walking trails, etc. In the above picture is Grace, Scott and my niece Hannah.
This is a bronze elk as you walk in to the nature center.

Since we just finished a science unit on butterflies, skippers, and moths, I thought this was great that we ran across this in the nature center. They also had other insect and bugs on the other side.

A working bee hive. As much as Grace is scared of bees and wasps she loved looking at this bee hive. That actually has tubes so they can go outside.

Flying squirrel.

They had many interactive experiences inside the nature center.

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School for Us said...

What a neat nature center. And, I love the little flying squirrel. :-) And, Kentucky is one of the places we've never been. I'll enjoy reading your posts!