Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Horse Park Part 2

As promised here is our second edition of pics from the Horse Park. The statue in the distance is one of the greatest horses that ever lived, Man O War. The grounds at the park are beautiful. Actually the Kentucky that we have seen so far is all green and somewhat flat, much different that what we are used to living in the woods and mountains.
I remember this horse from my childhood.

This is a close up picture of Man O War. I did learn something interesting about how they bury horses. They bury the head for its intelligence, heart for personality and will to win and hooves for the horses agility and speed and then cremate the rest to spread the ashes over the horse farm they are from. Do you see Scott and Grace below? This is a trolley ride pulled by draft horses. Me and Sue decided to skip it, there were alot of people waiting to ride, and we wanted to sit with puppy.

There were two ponies that Grace enjoyed feeding.

Alot of pasture land with horses dotting the countryside.
On the way back home we rode the scenic route through horse farm country. Lots of money out there and very beautiful. Grace favorite part of the park was the Gift Store where I let her pick out her Easter gift. They had wall to wall Breyer Horses which she collects. She picked one of the classics and a pack of Bella Sara cards.


Tanya said...

Thanks for letting me visit along with you in Kentucky horse country. I did not know that about horse burial!

Aknecht said...

There is another horse farm in Lexington called old friends. It is for retired race horses. They can spend their retirement getting a lot of rest and relaxation. Before, many were sold to other countries and were mistreated.