Tuesday, March 30, 2010


You would think that an almost 11 year old wouldn't have these, but you were wrong. Yesterday the culprit was long division. We have been working on fractions for a while now and not reviewing much. Yesterday long division and multiplication was just too much for Grace's mind. So we are back to reviewing for many days to come long division and multiplication. Needless to say it was a long afternoon. Much better today. Breezed through math but still needed my help. Long division has been a thorn in our side. We will conquer it!

Last night was our second performance for The Music Man and tonight will be the last. Everything went well and I am expecting the same for tonight. We will be said to sing that last song. Next on the agenda in drama will be Shakespeare, watered down for elementary ages. Trying to decide what to do about next year for drama. The school we attend to take this is going to a 5 day a week schedule which means a two day drama class may turn in to a 5 day class, which obviously we cannot do and still maintain our academics. Just have to wait and see. She will be trying out at the end of this month at the community theatre for The Wizard of Oz. So see, we can't even get away from drama in the summer. Performances will be in July.

Leaving for Kentucky on Saturday, so much preparation to be done as soon as performances are finished. Looking forward to spring break. Planning on going to the International Horse Park, on a candy factory tour, and maybe some other places as time permits. We will only be there for 4 days. Puppy is going with us, this is a first. Never really went on vacation with a dog, but she is only 7 pounds so how much trouble could she be. Okay, don't answer that. We will just hope for the best.


Tanya said...

I remember long division mystified me for a bit and just when I thought I had it it slipped from my grasp again. Then one day it gelled. Three deep breathes Grace.

The Zoo Keeper said...

10 year old had a melt down last night, two days ago, and this morning. Do boys cry during puberty? Do they get just as weepy, and crazy as girls do? I know your boy probably didn't!