Friday, April 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

Got some great books at the library for a rain forest study, some nature study, and looking ahead for study of the Great West in American History. So many books and so little time. Travis had his first college class last night and seems to have enjoyed it. So proud of him for starting school and looking into a career in computers. Today went to a friends house for a play date and had a great time. Today is also Scott's birthday so we took him out to dinner. Purchased the fabric to start Grace's Shakespearean costume, $30.00 for supplies. I need a costume too, but don't want to spend another 30.00. I will start putting it together tomorrow with the help of a friend. Also purchasing tomorrow another blueberry bush and a pollinator. Hope to plant them tomorrow. We already have 8 strawberries growing. Pollen everywhere on everything. Looking forward to a quiet night of crafts and catching up on some TV programs.

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The Zoo Keeper said...

I've had one response and will have a costume to look at Monday after school. I'll let you know how it looks.