Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Trip That Didn't Want to End

Boy, today was a doosie! Normally the trip home from Kentucky takes 8 hours, today 11 hours. Here is what happened: The day started out great with us leaving Lawrenceburg at 9:30 and taking our first pit stop at The Arts and Crafts Traveler's Building about one hour in to the drive. Lots of wonderful hand made objects to look at but a bit to expensive. We moved on and stopped again at 12:30 for lunch and to let puppy stretch her legs. Things started to get a little dicey when we were about to head in to Pigeon Forge area and noticed there was a sign that said the road was mostly closed and to expect long delays - so we went with plan B and turned around to take another route. This route had us drive to the other side of Knoxville, Tenn. which added about 30 minutes to the trip. We were so happy that we had missed all the traffic that at 3:00 we decided to stop in Cleveland, Tenn and do a bit of shopping. I went to a craft store and picked up some goodies, puppy got to play in a field, and Grace got a new game for her DS. Got back in the car and this is when trouble happened - Rock Slides had occurred months ago and ruined the road we needed to take so we were sent on a detour. The detour took 2 1/2 hours, that is 2 1/2 hours added to our trip along with the earlier thirty minutes. We were not happy campers. An eight hour trip turned in to a long 11 hours, Grace was great about it and was a real trooper the whole time. But man we are glad to be home and puppy is too.


Aknecht said...

Glad you made it safely home. Sorry about all of the detours. Hannah said she already missed you all....especially the puppy. I have been to that travel center in Berea. It has so many beautiful items, but it is so expensive. Hope it may have given Scott some creative energy. Take care...come back soon.

acwalsman said...

Hey Diane,

Just wanted to respond to your question on my blog about where I live... I live in Dacula in Georgia, closer to Lawrenceville though than Dacula.

:), Abby

Tanya said...

Lucky puppy was helping with the driving!

busymomof10 said...

Oh, I HATE those trips that never want to end! I am not a patient traveler anyway! Glad you finally made it home safe and sound!

We used to go to KNoxville, TN every year for a conference. Our fav place is Cades Cove! Smoky Mountain National Park is awesome too!

School for Us said...

Yikes! Oh, that sounds like a pitiful way to end a trip. I've never been to that part of Tennessee, but had an opportunity to go there next month (to Pigeon Forge and Knoxville). Unfortunately, we had to turn it down. Maybe someday, though!