Saturday, April 17, 2010

Poodles, Monkeys and Bears

I'll bet you are probably wondering how does this all tie in together. Yesterday Grace decided to dress puppy up in build a bear clothes. Okay, so that takes care of the Poodles in the title.
Yesterday we started a unit on Animals of the Rain forest. So we tied in art with the science lap book and I had her pick out a animal, plant, or insect from the rain forest to draw - the monkey was her choice. Monkeys in the title - check.

Last but not least, this morning we took my mom to an art festival it was called - wait for it - Bear on the Square. So we did not actually see a bear but went to a festival with bear in the title. Only about 30 artist booths the rest was music. Grace was the only one that purchased anything - harmonica, crocheted purse, and her first Nancy Drew book.


Tanya said...

I LOVED Nancy Drew books and devoured them with a passion. My family wouldn't get two words out of me for a couple of days when I got a new book.

The Zoo Keeper said...

Did you know that "Bear on the Square" was created while I was working over there? The name and the festival started because a cub bear came onto the square and climbed a tree during one of the forest fires in the late 90s. They shot him with a tranquilizer and took him back into the mountains.

Melanie said...

My daughter loves to read Nancy Drew and dress our pets too! :)