Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Volunteering and School

The second Wednesday of each month our church has a food pantry open to the community. We try to help out each month. This morning we did indeed go and help, I directed people to counselors and Grace helped carry out boxes of food. Alot of the community that comes to us is seniors. I always enjoy working at the food pantry seeing the same families return and catching up on their lives. After we returned and ate lunch it was time to get down to business with the school work. Today consisted of nearly finishing our read aloud about the Underground Railroad and Slavery lapbook. It should all be finished tomorrow. Did another nature study about birds and Grace is deciding which bird she saw today to draw in her nature journal. Once she decides tonight I will read some to her about that particular bird. Math and grammar were review pages. Finished up a book about the Rain Forest and In the Days of Noah. Looking forward to starting the Greenleaf Guide to the Old Testament tomorrow. Grace also did an art lessons of drawing trees. Friday we hope to take my mom to a gold rush town that is nearby that is holding an arts festival.

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The Zoo Keeper said...

Sounds like you had a great day! :<)