Monday, April 5, 2010

Kentucky Horse Park Part 1

I think I will split this up in to 2 or 3 posts because I have a million pictures to share from the Horse Park. Grace had been looking forward to this for weeks and she finally got to go today. The weather was perfect. When we looked at the website last night we were thrilled to find out that pets are allowed as long as you carry them inside the buildings, so needless to say puppy went with us. The above picture is my mother in law holding puppy while we watched the Parade of Breeds show.
All the pictures in this post are mostly from the Parade of Breeds show.

Scott took this picture, he was fascinated with the house in the background which was the business office for the Horse Park. Sue took the picture below of use including puppy in front of the bronze statue of Secretariat (spelling?). More to come for tomorrow.


Tanya said...

Puppy is obviously enjoying his holiday. really liked the costume pics above. Have a great time all.

Alex said...

Looks like a great event!

The Zoo Keeper said...

Could Grace be any happier?