Thursday, April 22, 2010

Updates and Random Thoughts

We have some fun and interesting things coming down the pike for our family. Each year our church hosts a yard sale/b-cue event. The b-cue is cooked by a competition cooker and is excellent. It is usually a great day working with fellow Christians toward a common goal. The money we raise this year will go to fixing up our church playground which is also used by a christian school that our church houses. Another exciting event coming up is our state homeschool conference next week. My family will be working in the used curriculum sale and also attending the vendor hall and workshops. I look forward to this every year. So much fun, and Grace loves going too. Mom and dad are still having many health issues. Dad is still in alot of pain from the fall. He doesn't seem to have the will to get himself better. Mom and myself are trying to decide what to do for him. He did have a xray last week and only arthritis was found, but the doctor did see a blood vessel on his stomach that looked strange that he wanted to investigate further. Mom has had to stop her chemo pill again because it sent her blood pressure up to 190/86. Her doctor is out of town until our appt next week. They have already cut her back to half dose, not sure how much more they will cut her back. School is going well. We have finished up alot of the books we planned for the year. Doing alot of Nature Study right now. Looking forward to getting some new stuff to start from the convention.

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Frances said...

It sounds like things are going really well for you, except for your parents' health. They will be in my prayers.