Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - The Week of Home Improvements and Art Camp

This week was all about spending money. Not a ton of money but more than I would normally spend. Paint, painting supplies, organizational supplies, and a few home d├ęcor items. Currently we are revamping the master bathroom, master bedroom, school room, and a few items in Grace's bedroom. I am ashamed to admit that most of the rooms mentioned have been neglected over the past five or so years. So not only do they need a real sprucing up but I need everything to be in tip top shape by the first of August due to tutoring three girls in my home three days a week. I promise to share pictures of everything soon. I am painting some more today and tomorrow to try and get it all accomplished. I can show you a couple of teasers for the school room though.
I created an independent reading area. I already had the above books on our shelf and I wanted independent reading time to be just for fun so no real classics here. We will be doing the classics during literature time.

I also created a time line for the kids to put images and dates of everything we study this year in history, art, and music. The curtains are new as well. Can you believe I didn't have any curtains on the above windows for like almost two years. In my defense this was Grace's bedroom and her curtains where on the windows until she moved downstairs to another bedroom and at that point this room became an exercise/storage room.
Whoever said summer is relaxing hasn't been introduced to our family. We are just as busy as every. Four mornings this week Grace went to help with a preschool art camp and really loved it. This is the local business owner that Grace wishes to do some apprenticing with. She loved it so much that she is going back next week to help with another camp. We also had one night of play practice for the King and I. A couple of days of exercise where thrown in the mix as well.
School continues to trudge along little by little. Some of the review products we are working through are Moving Beyond the Page (Huckleberry Finn literature guide and Biochemistry), Diana Waring's Experience Music Through History (review post coming next week), Flourish (a book review just for me), and Dave Raymond's American History. We watched the Disney version of Huckleberry Finn yesterday to compare to the book and Grace thought it was great. She couldn't believe that little Elijah Wood was one in the same that played Frodo in her beloved Lord of the Rings movies. Today we are spending a little time reviewing a study guide for standardized testing. Our state requires it every three years and now is the time for us. Grace always has test anxiety about not doing well, but I always tell her I don't hold much stock in these types of tests and to just do her best. Looking at taking the test in about two weeks. She is most nervous about the math portion.
Grace got in two of her costumes this week - one for Merida from Brave and the other for Rapunzel. Still waiting on the wig to arrive for Merida before we can take some pictures to show. We will have a picture tomorrow of her fairy costume because she is going to dress up and work at the re-grand opening of the art studio in their new location.

Weekly Wrap-Up


Unknown said...

Oh so exciting! Can't wait to see more!

Leslie said...

Good for you for making the most of your time. I am looking forward to seeing pictures.

There are a lot of rooms in my house with no curtains so don't feel badly. Only 1 room in the whole downstairs has curtains. Your projects are looking nice.