Monday, June 23, 2014

A Very Productive Weekend

It was an incredibly productive weekend for all of us. Saturday found me and Grace running errands in the morning to a yard/book sale, giving my Trim Healthy Mama book to friend to borrow, eating lunch out, and picking up groceries on the way home as well as items to make a costume. Luckily we got an early start on Saturday morning which let me get started on everything else in the afternoon and early evening. I helped Grace make her fairy costume and tutu for art camp this coming week and the re-grand opening of the art studio. I also worked tirelessly in the new school room and I found time to go on a much needed walk. Grace and Scott found time to go to the river and swim for an hour or so.

On Sunday Grace was the more productive one. She cleaned all the chicken coops, exercised, cleaned her room and moved some furniture around for redecorating, and went to hang out with her dad at the tattoo shop for a couple of hours. I mainly cooked and fed everyone and even found a little time to make some muffins for breakfasts throughout the coming week.

I still have a lot to accomplish in the master bed and bath as well as the school room before everything is finished. My redecorating bug bit Grace yesterday which is why she did some rearranging in her room. I have lots of pictures of what I have been doing with the redecorating and painting and I will post them soon.

This week will prove to be very busy but hopefully I will be able to continue to plug away at the rooms and get them finished very soon. I think I finally have a paint choice for the bedroom walls. I see painting in the next couple of days in my future.

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Unknown said...

Can't wait to see your pictures! Sounds like a very productive weekend!