Saturday, June 28, 2014

Encouraging your Child's Passions

Grace's real loves are acting, working with children, makeup and costuming. If you put all these together then you can sometimes come up with an outlet. In Grace's case that is exactly what we did when we review the Micro Business for Teens product. It really got her thinking about what she could do as a job now and maybe even in the future.

Today we went to help her beloved art teacher with a grand re-opening of our local art studio. Grace dressed as a fairy which tied in very well with the theme of part of the business which is called Bow Fairy. She greeted customers as they arrived and did a little face painting.

I don't normally let her face paint on me but I figured why not.

We should be able to start her little side business soon with the princess birthday parties. Still waiting on some of the other costumes and wigs to arrive, then we need to make a flyer. I am so looking forward to seeing where this all will take her.

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