Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up- Mermaids, Ikea and Books

Friday - I'll start off with last Friday. Me and a friend spent the day at a homeschool convention and a visit to Ikea. I did have very specific purposes for both visits. I briefly mentioned the fact that in August I will be tutoring/homeschooling three 5th grade girls in my home three days a week. Well, I am responsible for purchasing the items they will need and the used book sale was a perfect time to try and get some of the materials. I also needed a table that the girls could work at, which meant a trip to Ikea. In some form or fashion I have attended the GHEA homeschool convention since Grace was in third grade. Unfortunately now that there are bigger and better convention being put on throughout the country the smaller ones are suffering for vendors which was the case for our also. I was able to purchase lots and lots of great stuff at a very reduced price for the girls to enjoy next year. The trip to Ikea was eye opening and awesome, my first time. Definitely need to go back again. You can't beat the prices. Grace stayed with her grandparents for the day and then meet my sister to help with the Relay for Life event in our community. She got to dress up as a mermaid for the themed event.
Sunday - We celebrated both Travis and Grace's birthday at my parents house with pizza and ice cream cake. Can't believe I have a 24 year old son and now 15 year old daughter. Time just seems to fly.

Tuesday - We volunteered at the animal shelter for a couple of hours and of course Grace fell in love with one of the puppies. Hoping he got adopted before our trip back out there this morning. In the evening we had a two hour practice at one of the local dance studios for the King and I. In the King and I there is a "ballet" portion that runs almost 15 minutes long and we are part of that as well as some of the other wives songs. We are all in the intro and the end and then each of us as a particular role to play in the middle portion. Grace is lightening and I am a cloud when Eliza climbs up a mountain and then later on snow.
Wednesday - Grace went to swim at a friend's house while me and their mother worked on casting the Christmas program for next semester. Casting 35 students in 11 different short skits was exhausting, but we did get it accomplished. We rushed from their to get home for dinner and then Grace back to church for youth group.
Thursday - We went to another friend's house for another swim while me and their mother visited. This is one of my best friends and it is always relaxing going over here to visit. We try to get together every week. Home in time for dinner then I headed out for Zumba class.
Friday - This brings us back to today. This morning we are again off to the animal shelter for a couple of hours to volunteer.

All of these days school work was accomplished in some form or fashion. We are working on a few review products and trying to finish up Algebra and Science for the year.
Moving Beyond the Page - Huckleberry Finn and Biochemistry
Diana Waring's History Through Music Series
Algebra 1


Karen said...

I've always wanted to attend a homeschool convention. Sounds great that you got some low priced curriculum. I love Grace's mermaid costume!! She is so pretty. Keilee will be 15 in a little over 6 months and I just can't believe it either. Such a great week filled with so many great things!

Sandra said...

Looking forward to hearing more about Moving Beyond the Page. It's one of those things that has been on my radar for a while but never quite moved beyond that.