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TOS Review - We Choose Virtues - Youth Virtue Journal

We Choose Virtues Review
How many parents worry about teaching their children good morals and values? Ok, now how many of you might not know how to do this, or at least would like to do a more thorough job of it? You probably can't see my hand raised in this virtual world, but I promise it is. I always worry that I have missed something or didn't go in depth about a subject enough. With a teenager in the house I am committed to making sure she understands the morals, values, and character traits she will need going out into this great big world. Recently I was offered the opportunity to review a tool that might help us along that path with the Youth Virtue Journal from We Choose Virtues.
We Choose Virtues Review
The Youth Virtue Journal came to us as a physical book of 100 pages. This book covers 9 different virtues and is recommended for ages 12 - 18. Grace just turned 15 so we are right in the middle of the recommended age range. Currently the book retails for $17.00. The book is illustrated in an interesting manner that is eye catching for teenagers. Other components that came as downloads were the mentor handbook, mentor meeting report form, youth character assessment sheet, and youth list of memory verses and Bible heroes. Virtues covered in the book include: attentiveness, contentment, forgiving, gentle, helpful, honest, obedient, perseverant, and respectful. I'd like to think my child is pretty proficient with all of these virtues, but I know deep in my heart she as well as myself need a refresher course every now and then and sometimes even more than that. We used this program as part of our devotional time most days and were able to finish the book fairly quickly. The authors of the program recommend going through it a little slower with one virtue being covered a week. I'd like to touch on each component of the product at this time.
We Choose Virtues Review
Youth Virtue Journal
Each section or virtue is set up the same. The student will write in their dream journal then answer a set of questions dealing with said virtue as a time of reflection. Based on the answers the student will rate themselves on a scale of one to ten on how they feel about representing this virtue. Next are more questions about searching out an individual that the student feels represents that virtue. A family member, a friend, or someone from their peer group. Then the student moves on to a section of quotes from and famous and anonymous  individuals concerning the particular virtue being studied and at the end of the section a place is available for the mentor to write down advice and areas to work on for the student.
Youth Character Assessment
Grace always loves taking quizzes or assessments about herself. This is a short one with a rating system for each virtue represented in the book. She took this before we started the book.
Mentor Meeting Report Form
We didn't use this one. This form would be better utilized for individuals meeting in a group or mentoring scenario, maybe like Sunday school or a youth group.
Mentor Handbook
The mentor handbook is also another component needed in leading a group or mentoring an individual other than your own child. The mentor handbook has advice on how to run the group or meeting individually with a student you don't already know or know well. Other activities are available, as well as ways to encourage your mentee.
List of Memory Verses and Bible Heroes
This was probably my favorite component of the entire program. Heroes from the Bible are lined up with a virtue they represent. Memory verses are also included for each virtue. Without this part of the program I felt like maybe we would not have liked it as much.
For me this seemed more like a group type of book or mentor to mentee as opposed to a parent and child kind of book. It would be great for youth leaders, Sunday school teachers, Cooperative teachers, etc. I'm not sure I would have purchased this book on my own to try. Saying that, we did still have some good conversations that stemmed from the questions in the book and it did make Grace stop and think about certain areas of her life she needed to work on. Who am I kidding, it made me reflect on my life as well and what I could do to improve some of these virtues in my own walk.
Check out the Youth Virtue Journal from We choose Virtues. We Choose Virtues is currently offering a discount code BTS20 that will take 20 percent off of any order from their store until August.  Also remember to go over to the TOS Review Crew Site and see what other crew members thought about this product.

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Leslie said...

This sounds like a neat program. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Sounds great! I just might have to look that one over!

Lisa M. (aka. Lisa @ Farm Fresh) said...

Thank you for sharing! I think the Bible Heroes portion is the part we would have enjoyed the most too.