Monday, June 16, 2014

Something New to Me

Some of my readers may remember me writing about the fact that almost two years ago an digital electrical part went out in my oven. The cost to replace what we thought was the problem was around $150.00. Well until I decided what we were going to do I purchased a Kitchen Aid toaster oven. This oven has been its weight in gold. Wonderful appliance that I have cooked everything in for the past two years. The only time cooking in it was a hassle was the times I needed to batch cook muffins, cookies , etc. It took forever simply because of the small size.
A couple of months ago my brother in law who is a plumber for a large electrical and plumbing company was working on a large job in a ritzy well to do area. They were refurbishing all the kitchen units in a very expensive assisted living home. They were replacing all the stoves and selling the used ones for $50.00 each. Here is the kicker - the assisted living home has a very nice cafeteria and hardly no one uses their stoves. So basically I got a brand new stove for $50.00. It has been great baking in a regular size oven again. The only drawback is I love slick top stoves and this one has burners. For $50.00 I think I can live with it.


Nicole said...

Wish I had that stove, Diane. What a steal! I swear my stove is about 30 years old, with only 3 working burners. I want a new one so bad!!!! Jealous here. Enjoy!

A Candle to Read By said...

Yes, I would love to get in line for one of those. We are down to 2.5 burners (one of them works some of the time!). This is a wonderful blessing for your family, Diane.