Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Time Television Viewing

We haven't had regular TV in years. I mostly watch stuff through Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus. Grace watches very little television but when she does it is either Netflix or Youtube. Hubby also watches very little television and again his channel of choice is Netflix. Up until a few months ago we had a plan that gave us both DVDs and streaming. I like both but lately Netflix hasn't really added a lot of new shows and movies to watch through instant. I tell you all this because we had problems receiving our DVDs. It started over a year ago and would run in cycles. Every 2-3 months 2 -3 DVDs in a row would not reach us and turn up missing. Everything that I sent back always arrived back at Netflix. I contacted Netflix support each and every time and they extended me grace way beyond what they were supposed to, but a few months ago they still canceled my DVD subscription. I contacted my local post office and nothing could be done. I contacted our Post Master and again nothing could be done to really investigate who had been stealing the DVDs. Very frustrating.

When the subscription first got canceled we were still in the middle of many television shows airing new episodes and I didn't really miss it. Now a bit of a different story. We don't go to see movies at the theatre very often and I always added the ones we wanted to see to my queue. I miss seeing the new movies and also any television series that I can't get on Amazon and Hulu. Now that summer has arrived not so much of a lot of choices to watch. All reruns. This means I have to dig deep and find something on Netflix that grabs my interest and holds it. In years past that has looked like all the seasons of How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, The Good Wife, Prison Break, 24 and so many more. I have also gone back and re-watched the Gilmore Girls and even .... what . for . it. Dawon's Creek. So this really long diatribe about television watching has led me to my new nightly treat - Bones. Best part about Bones is there are 8 seasons on Netflix and it will probably take me most of the summer to watch them all until the new seasons start on everything else. Plus Under the Dome starts in a few weeks and last year Amazon showed that one for all the Prime members for free.

Okay I know what your thinking - TV Geek, right?! Yep, and proud of it. Now I am going to get off of here and watch me some Bones and the new episode of 24.

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Deb said...

I love television too!

Have you ever thought about a Roku box? It's a one-time expense, and it runs through your wireless. You can get tons of "channels," including Netflix, Hulu+, and Amazon. Netflix and Hulu are around $8 each per month, and Hulu puts brand new shows on within a week of them airing on regular tv.

Happy Viewing!